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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 19, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the director and al paccino are coming back together to make "happy valley" with the life and times of joe paterno. it can't believe this. but if he wants to play him, more power to you. >> eric: he played a coach, right? >> bob: professional. >> eric: "sunday something." >> bob: "any given sunday." >> andrea: are you shocked they would make a movie about this? >> bob: shocked al pacino plays -- >> greg: he played "scarface." is this worst? i'm going to do my one more thing or are you still going to talk? >> andrea: mr. i don't talk more than andrea. >> greg: i don't have time for it. the buy i was trying to think of trying to quote is the great dennis prager. i couldn't remember his name. people on twitter -- >> bob: but the truth is greg didn't have a one more thing. >> greg: we had a banned phrase.
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but i'll sulk instead. >> dana: lance armstrong used a banned phrase. >> greg: 17 of them. mine today was culture of it. just look at the viewers a welcome to "red eye". i am greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, welcome back. what is coming up tonight other than your vomit? >> our t story, can a teacher sue a school for discriminating against her because of her fear of small children? apparently. plus, is tonight the last time we will ever have to talk about lance armstrong? hopefully. and finally, can a business owner fire employees because of their political beliefs? absolutely. greg? >> mailing it in. >> whatever, greg. i am lucky i'm conscious. >> when i satisfied -- when i said maling it, i meant
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m-a-l-e. because are you a male.y do i t? let's welcome our guests. she's so hot that firefighters rush to save people from her. i am here now with carrie keegan. and it returns monday. if you don't watch it, it is satan. and he is so bright that staring at him will enduce blindness unless you are already blind. it is kurt loder. and in belgium he is considered whipped cream. my sidekick, bill schulz. and if fearless reporting was a family inheritance i would blow him on a yacht. sitting next to me, fox news cor respawn dent -- oh shut up. and it will never last because he lives in the past. good to see you, pinch. >> today, leslie kaufman talks about president woodrow wilson or ace like to call him, the greatest president in the
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history of history. that should get me some air time on glen beck. but just to be sure they are a terrible writer. do you hear that, glen? >> why? >> just wanted to -- getting ad time on the blaze is very, very expensive. >> you are a smart paper. >> i am a scoundrel. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> that's new. >> it has been a longtime. >> it has been a long time for both of us. >> we have to catch up later. a couple of drinks at my place? >> what is going on right now? >> he changes your orientation by just staring at you. to the story. little tykes give her fright. the former high school teacher
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in cinncinati, ohio, is there any other kind, says she has a rare phobia of young children, and she is suing the district for discrimination. she kept her fear in check until 2009. she was transferred to the middle school. she was thrust into a sea of 7th and 8th graders, oh god, causing her blood pressure to spike and forcing her to retire. now the child has filed a lawsuit claiming that it falls under the americans with disabilities act. administrators violated it by transferring her to the school. according to her doctor it is serious in nature and they said no reasonable person can be expected to endure the same. we reached out to one of her middle school students for reaction. >> i can see how that might be
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scary. carrie, this is what drives me nuts. if any fear was a phobia, then we all have phobias which could be covered under disabilities. >> i know, isn't it awesome? >> yes, i am afraid of everything. i am not going anywhere. i have no responsibilities anymore. >> is there anything you are not afraid of? >> no. >> no. >> not afraid of low cut blouses? >> i am deathly afraid of those. those are the worst. i hate those so much. >> i am afraid of not making eye contact. >> i think she is suffering from a very acute bout of beaver fever. i think that's exactly what this is. >> what does that mean? >> bieber fever. >> oh, bieber. >> oh you dirty man. >> you have beaver fever. that's a whole different disease altogether. >> i am a fiewj fan of jerry math -- i am a huge fan of jerry mathers. i have all of the dvds at home
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which i play all at once and dance around on the carcass of a skunk. >> you said carcass, right? >> yes, i did. you are terrible. rick, you are not a legal scholar, but you are sexy. does she have a case? >> the problem is she is talking about a phobia of children and we are talking about seventh and eighth graders which are the size of adults these days. the scary thing about them is they are almost as big as high school students which is where she wants to go back and teachers and again. it is ridiculous. >> she should be afraid of the turtle neck is what she should be afraid of. >> don't make fun of her looks. >> i am not. i am making fun of the turtle neck alone. >> i like turtle necks. they keep my neck warm. >> can i make a p oi nt? >> please do. you are annoying me. >> she gets 89% of her salary in retirement. if fox gave me 90% of my salary, i will retire right now. >> they would probably take you up on that. we have had talks about you and frankly you are not
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bringing in anybody. every time you come on the numbers go down. but i won't get into that here. we will talk about it during the break. >> do i get 89%? >> yes, you do. i am beginning to think the world is run by victims and their lawyers. >> that's true. we are the victims and the lawyers. this is like working in a pizzeria for 33 years and then suddenliy saying the pepperoni is turning on me. it is too stupid. i can't imagine this suit will go through, but it probably will. >> it will because that's where we are. bill, your fear of hygiene hasn't stopped you from showing up here. why should her fear of children stop her from showing up at school? you offend everyone here with your stench. you have a horrible stench yet you show up daily. >> that's the second reference to hygiene. i think the people get i am not a clean dude. after that it is just too much. >> i know, i uh will poll. >>. >> it is too much.
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-- >> i know. i apologize. >> does this apply to parents? i think this is what i have. i don't like to take my daughters to school. i don't like to be around them during the weekend. i don't like to pay child support. i have this thing and i should continue to -- i should continue my life. >> why would you pay support to something that terrifies you? >> if you had arachnaphobia would you pay spiders? no, i would pay people to step on them. >> have i a fear of heights. would i pay money to mountains? >> you lost me. >> i don't go on mountains because i have a fear of heights. would i pay mountain support? >> you couldn't afford them. mountains look very expensive. >> but somebody has to pay for their support. they look very lonely up there. >> hold on. in her defense, she is teaching french and spanish to
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a bunch of kids in ohio. that is a thankless job. >> it is not about ohio. it is about languages. the teachers that have the worst jobs are teaching a second language to young kids. the kids, all they do is make fun of the sounds you make. >> how do you argue that you have a phobia of children and you are talking about 14 and 15-year-old kids? >> they are younger. they are like, 11, 12 and 13. >> 7th and 8th grade. they are going to high school the next year. >> they are half hulks at that point. >> they smell and they are usually ripped. >> hormonal and unbalanced in every way. >> we are not talking nursery school. >> i know what you are saying, but the fact is kids that age are monsters. so that makes it a universal fear of which we all are victims of. therefore we would have the same problems which means she has no problem. >> so maybe she has to divide her 89% with all of us. >> let's move on. from phobias to fashion, it
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shows real heros next to size zeros. the february issue of vogue pays tribute to hurricane sandy first responders by having them hang around the disaster areas with a bunch of sullen stick figures. the reaction has been nothing short of reactioning with a slate writer wondering if the rag was, quote, going for inappropriate and provocative, but hit inappropriate and idiotic instead. that's real writing, people. while a commenter on the magazine's website said it was tacky and tasteless which by the way were nicknames for my nipples. let's pause for something. >> just to be clear, those models despite the way this might look, they are not in any eminent danger. they were shocked as the boat was docked next to the shore. >> what was that? >> were people concerned? >> let me finish this story. the editors failed to address a bigger question whether or not bears enjoy porrige.
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>> there is nothing like bears at meal time. >> that bear pig hybrid you created. >> it did something for good. >> they like a strong ipa. >> who doesn't love a man bear pig? >> this is kind of interesting. the photo shoot did raise $2 million for charity for the victims. rick, $2 million more than you did so we can make fun of them all they want like you did in the green room. >> how do you know? my reports may have inspired tens of millions of dollars of donations to save the victims. >> i won't ask the question then. >> thank you. >> no, did you think the charity is a get out of jail free card even though it is
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tacky? >> i think it is ridiculous and awful and in poor taste. i am talking about the firefighters' uniforms. >> those guys were okay with it. >> listen, they deserve all of the credit they can get. all of the first responders do. i don't know why you are putting models out there. it is like rubbing salt in a wound in a way. >> here is my theory, kurt. they wanted -- you have these people that are sequestered in the high sky scrapers of the fashion industry. and they decide in a meeting, i want to do something. i need to do something. when in fact what they should have done was gone to the charity event and then shown in the magazine pictures of the charity event, but somebody said, no, let's do this instead. >> they could have put the models on the amtrak express and sent them to pose by a fishery. >> i did not know that.
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>> did you know that, rick? >> no. >> he called himself a reporter. he just walked in and stole your under wear. >> he is wearing your underwear. >> he schooled me. >> he schooled you in your underwear. >> every insult -- this is getting overwhelming. >> is this photo shoot prop pet, inappropriate or a cantaloupe? >> it is sort of just lame. it is annie leibowitz. it is not any of those things. basically they had no concept. i was trying to come up with one and that concept was the first responders are doing exactly in the picture when they were responding and so are the models. so at least now we have a theme. >> that's a good point. >> bill, i am torn. i know the fashion industry as a runway model for many years. >> yes. >> and you rescued me from
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that. thank you for that. they raise money and i keep thinking that -- raising money allows you to do things that are idiotic. but they still raised money. can you blame them? >> i can't blame them, and i will go a little further saying i applaud them. when i was looking at pictures of the disaster and watching rick's reports, the one thing that kept going out of my mind was you should photo shop some models into that. i thought it would spruce things -- i thought it would spruce it up. thank you, vogue, thank you, fashion, thank you anorexic heroin addicts. >> at the end of the day it was not sexy enough. >> i will tell you something. they would not have done this with katrina, would they? that is a very splits clear charged -- politically charged comment. maybe their response is this is different because it is in new york city and they are trying to do something. i just have a hard time with fashion doing something. it never looks right.
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>> maybe it was a recreation of an actual rescue. >> it is always interesting to see them around real people though. it is like, how the hell are you even able to watch? when they are with other moms it is like close encounter with aliens. they candy fie gravity and move. but when they are with human beings you want to look at the strings holding them up. >> have i to tell you, it was a tough life for me and i am glad i got out of it. i was never around real people. i was ready a other models. >> you are out of a lot of it, but i want to talk to you about something i heard before the show. >> i'm worried. >> i wasn't throwing up. >> do you think the firefighters were upset at all? >> no. the first responders liked it
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and they raised money. but do you get a free pass because the end result is good? i guess you do. but then again that goes to the next story which we are about to do, lance armstrong gets a free pass because of livestrong. it is like the hells angels. they always had the delivering the stuffed animals to the hospitals, but then the rest of the time they are delivering guns. but as long as you do something that is considered charitable, it allows you to do something else. are we okay with that? i suppose if they raise $2 million. >> so what you are saying because they did this they are allowed to knife somebody in altimont? >> talking to o, is he good to go? lance armstrong's interview aired and 34 billion people watched him say this crud. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes.
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>> yes or no, was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone? >> yes. >> whatever. should lance get another chance? not so fast, not so fasters. most people in the cycling and anti-doping world, 12 people, were not that impressed. they said it was more self-serving than relative. the teammate armstrong attacked for calling him a doper and a liar was miffed. >> he owed it to me. you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball. after what you have done to me, what you have done to my family and you couldn't own up to it. >> dropped the ball. that's kind of low. as part of lance's punishment he is only allowed to ride a certain bike like this.
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owe. >> that's good. >> bill, i thought you didn't let anybody barrow your bike? >> it is amazing how i am able to get to work. >> did the interview help or hurt him? >> i don't think it helped him. >> no? >> some people can understand the argument he took ped's because everybody else was taking them. the level of the playing field. if i knew all of the other news reporters in the world were doing steroids to make them better reporters, i might do it. >> that's an amazing point because people in the media all they do is drugs. >> right. >> everybody has enhancement
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performing drugs. >> it is the lies and the lives he ruined. he was attacking people who were telling the truth and trying to do the right thing and that's the worst part. >> bottom line, he looked great. doesn't that override -- >> what is with you today? >> he is mark's daniel craig. >> i think the only person that made out in that particular thing was oprah. she is going to have a new show called "you got owned." >> you're welcome, oprah. >> kurt, a pretty boring interest view. a pretty boring interview. >> who is he hurting? i don't get it. when the tour de france started in 1903 everybody was doping taking methamphetamine and taking eater -- ether and all of this stuff. for 60 years it was okay. if you want to take drugs, why not?
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>> let's go to bill. as a user of performance reducing drugs what is your take on all things lancey? >> i wonder why i do that. i am not getting any younger, and it is not helping me professionally. i do get the level playing field argument. there is an argument to be made tha may have had better money and therefore had better drugs. epo had epo. if it was in your system it was in your system. i think the other good thing was the fact that he embraced the fact that he is a d-bag. when she asked if he was a bully he said, yes, i am. he was very much willing to show us he was a jerk. >> we have to take a break. i think we can all agree we don't care about cycling. we don't. why would we be talking about this story if it wasn't for the fact they had drugs or something involved in it
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because that's the only reason we have doing it because cycling is boring. it is a terrible sport. people on bikes. we invented cars. people are driving cars.
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did he know she was foe? in this story as puzzling as the names are hard to pronounce, it is not clear whether manti te'o was the mark or played a part. according to reports on december 6th, the football star received a disturbing call. his dead girlfriend was either alive or he had been the victim of a hoax. yet two days later at the heisman trophy ceremony, the man was asked about the most unforgettable moment of the season. he responded, the moment he learned his girlfriend was dead. so as the new york times put
12:25 am
it, was manti a sympathetic victim of a cruel fraud or a calculating participant in a phony story. carrie is yawning right now. >> i wasn't. jay you -- >> you were yawning. is this story already over? >> yes. >> was this hoax milked to aid his bid for the heisman trophy? meanwhile, a second alleged girl friend of -- girlfriend of manti has come forward. here she is at a press conference on friday. >> i can't be the only one that finds that arousing. >> it is weird they sing at a press conference. >> she gave it her all. rick victim or is there more to it? is he the victim? >> the strange thing about the story is he kept it up.
12:26 am
after he allegedly learned his girlfriend was not dead and not existing. >> you have done this. >> right, of course. everyone has. but he kept up with the interview after he knew. that kills the story that he didn't know about this. >> is not existing the same as dead? >> well, you can not be born. >> the fact that there was no pictures of them together and every network went with this story is disturbing to me. >> journalists are lazy. journalists are lazy. i say this all the time from my bed when i am googling pictures of myself. >> in this day and age you will claim you have a girlfriend and you don't have any pictures of the two of you together? i don't believe you have a girlfriend. >> that was an attack on me. carrie, have you been the imaginary girlfriend of count less men. can you speak to the mind set of manti's fictional
12:27 am
girlfriend? >> we need to talk about the phenomenon and i have been this person a lot. i can tell you it is extremely fulfilling. this whole thing that is happening, it is so stupid and awesome and i love it. >> this is how i do it. >> by the way, he is not pictures you in either one of those. >> you know what, i am so over rick leventhal. he is only on the show to pretend we are friends because it was a rocky break up. >> when do sports financings have to start getting imaginary girlfriends and boyfriends? you can be like drama students and "star wars" geeks. that's when i grew up. sports guys were the rock stars. >> there is something else going on there. i don't know what it is. kurt might have the answer. >> this story has shaken the foundations of my reality. what is this notre dame of
12:28 am
what we speak? >> i don't know. >> you can't spell notre dame without not re dame. what about the times he lied about when he met her and how he met her. why would he meet that up if he never met her? >> he was a young, insecure guy. we made up stories about imaginary friends and sometimes lived in a tree house with your imaginary friends without wearing clothing and covered in your own filth. >> bill schulz. >> oh bill. last word to you -- >> no. >> will he be on your fantasy football league? >> he is in my fantasies. all we know it looks like he didn't know at the beginning. it looks like he was had for awhile. >> by a buddy, right? >> or they knew each other.
12:29 am
but did he start lying because he was embarrassed and he didn't want it to come out that he had been had. or the other theory is -- call me. >> no, what are you assuming is maybe he might not be straight. the other thing he may be a shy 22-year-old mormon. he might not have been a player, player, and he was trying to protect himself because he wasn't like other players. >> that's the weird thing. he said he had a lot of girls around him and other girlfriends. >> did they have pictures? >> maybe he goes out with a lot of imaginary girls. >> he is an migagimare. >> do you have a comment on the show?
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jay my mom -- >> e-mail us at red eye at fox if you have a video of your animal doing something clean i hope go to fox eye. click on the video. half time report from andy levy. kind of sad he is back. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by firefighters. the men and women who attempt to distinguish fires. thanks, firefighters.
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carrie is cold. let's find out if anything is wrong. we go to tv's andy levy. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. >> i guess i won the v neck collar war. somebody gave up on that. >> this is going to be fun. ohio teacher sues school over her fear of young kids. first of all you said a former high school teacher in cinncinati, ohio, is there any other kind? yes there is. you said if a fear becomes a phobia we could be covered by the americans with disabilities act which is possible. pedephobia is a legitimate -- it is a recognized fear, fear of small children. shouldn't be confused with pediaphobia which is a fear of
12:35 am
dolls or mannequins and then there is a fear of youth which is sort of more like get off my lawn syndrome. >> or fear of peta. >> fear of angry, smelly animal rights activists. >> but it is a recognized psychiatric syndrome. >> but for little kids and not 7th and 8th graders. >> i like how when he did this he did it with his little fingers. >> rick, i kind of feel like you are a pedaphobia. >> you have to be careful of that word. >> by the way, there is a fear of beavers. >> that's good to know. >> thank you for that. >> is jerry mathers dead? >> i have no idea. >> write me, jerry. >> it is like working in a poohy swraw place for 20 years and then being afraid of
12:36 am
pepperonis. not really though. her fear is she taught in high school from 1976 to 2009 and that wasn't a problem. when they shifted her to the middle school in 2009 that's when this became a problem. >> it is like being shifted from starbucks to the pizza place. i can tie this together for you. later after the show. >> okay. >> you told me you were busy. anyway. i don't even know why i host this show anymore. >> he is busy. >> apparently so. >> what's the problem? >> nothing. nothing. you know what, i have plans anyway. i have stuff i gotta do. a lot of stuff. >> with your girl friend? >> yes. we are doing some cool stuff together. >> what's her name? >> janet something. or other, friend. >> janet canadian model. >> janet friendship who is a native american.
12:37 am
janet friendship. that is her name. janet friendship. she is a model. she is a plus sized model. she is a plus sized model with dyslexia. make fun of her, andy. go ahead, oh, she can't read. go for it. >> she can read large print. >> i hope you get so many letters from plus sized models with dyslexia that you will be up all weekend crying in your filth. >> why do i get the feeling that at some point during the show you will announce your girlfriend died from dyslexia. and it will help him get the heisman. >>- q. i it could happen if he -- >> it could happen if he miss reads a bottle. >> plus sized dyslexia is an unrecognized problem. >> being a plus sized model is no negative. >> this took a turn. >> you let this go off track.
12:38 am
>> vogue shoot called inappropriate. >> the february issue of vogue, is there any other kind? >> yes there is. >> you said your reports might have inspired tens of millions of dollars in charitable donations. >> you are welcome. >> but they didn't. >> i had the brain room check. >> if anything they said they got a lot of calls from people who said they were going to donate and then saw your reports and changed their mind. >> andy, i don't trust you, but brain room. >> this is all coming from them. i would not sit here and make stuff like that up. that would be incomprehensible. >> did they say how much my reports raised? >> they said what it did was dissuaded people from actually giving. >> carrie, i mostly agree -- first of all hi. >> hi. how are you feeling? >> i'm near death right now. >> i'm so sorry. are you phlegmy?
12:39 am
>> no i am pass outy. >> that's the worst kind. maybe we have to snuggle. >> okay. >> you know what, i am getting sick too. >> don't even bother flirting with andy. you are not a cat. >> but i play one on tv. >> unless you have a tale he is not going to look at you. >> hey, hey, hey. i'm sitting on it. >> she is the. she is. >> i agree with the photo shoot and it was lame. as greg pointed out the first responders loved it so it is kind of okay. >> just not art which is a sad thing for annie. >> and for vogue and people who have to look at it. >> greg you said disgraced cyclist is there any other kind? >> no, there isn't. >> that's what you call a long -- a long show. >> probably had no payoff.
12:40 am
>> why does it have to be racist? >> rick, you said you don't think the interview helped him. in fact, investigators are now saying they believe he blatantly lied and specifically when he said he didn't have blood transfusions in 2009 he said in 2009 his blood value showed consistent with transfusions. >> and admitting to doing drugs it opened him up to paying these libel suits that he won. it could cost tens of millions of dollars. >> that's the big question. he is a smart guy. he must have calculated how much money he will have left over. cane live off 5 million? he is worth a hundred million. he will lose 90 million. >> no, he will settle. he won't lose 90. >> i don't know. >> it depends though. if those guys go after him for the fact that he called them
12:41 am
liars. jay he sued them and got money out of them. >> they might just take him to the bank. >> the ball on that guy. >> i apologize to everyone in america for that joke. >> look, at least it was original. >> didn't see that one on twitter 5,000 times. >> carrie, you said the only person who made out in this interview was oprah. i am not even sure she did. it was kind of boring. >> well there is a part two. >> thank good. thank god. >> she should give away free juicers. >> that made me laugh. that's all that matters. >> manti te'o latest. greg, you mentioned the phone call he got from his supposedly dead girlfriend on december 6th? >> yes. >> the honolulu star advertiser reporting that he told family and friends that the girl of his supposed dead
12:42 am
girlfriend told them she had to fake her own death because drug dealers were after her. >> that was a plot point. >> the paper said he asked her to send him a date stamped picture. for some reason he was suspicious. you are not getting anything by him apparently. and she sent in this picture, but he was still specials. again, are you not getting anything by him. and a couple weeks later he told his family and officials that he had been scammed. >> that's why he kept the story going is he claimed she claimed she claimed to be in danger? >> he said he kept the story alive because he wasn't sure if it was a scam yet and they may do something to her. >> he was afraid to be alone at night. >> this whole story was imaginary. >> what is the name of the paper? >> the honolulu star advertiser. i had to translate that from hawaii an so it may not be
12:43 am
accurate. >> i have been advertising a used trailer in the class fids of the honolulu paper. did you see anybody -- -- >> i saw there -- police were called out to used trailer lot. it was police and a csi unit. i don't know what they found. >> i happen to have a generator that runs a refrigerator out. >> does it keep your toilet paper cold too? >> that was a fallacy. we are all shocked and embarrassed about that. >> that is something, andy, we have trying to live down. >> this is what happens when i am not here. fake information is out. >> that thing is destroying my life. jay did you know the toilet paper industry is after me because of this lie? i might have to do an apology tomorrow over the toilet paper thing. >> i hope you do.
12:44 am
>> i am going to pass out. >> go away. coming up,ly yum -- liam liam-niesen is dead set on doing three. can you fire somebody for supporting obama? yes and no minus the no part.
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welcome back. they let them go for supporting o. a business in ceder city, utah -- andy can't only budsman -- ombudsman that one. terry lee of terry lee forensics dish owed why he ditched them in the on-line story of a smoothy bar operator who charged liberals more than conservatives. he said we had to let two employees go for costs and
12:48 am
increased taxes. what he did was kosher. they do not prevent people from caning people because of politics. let's discuss in this thing. >> lightning roooouuuuunnndd. lightning round. >> rick, you travel a lot and talk to people. am i wrok to thing obongo is totally racist? >> i would say yes. >> this guy is probably just a jerk. >> it sounds like it. >> can you imagine these guys are like, oh yea he won. oh fired. >> you think it is great? >> i don't think it is fair. they should just these people based on their job performance and not on who they have as president. >> he thought they weren't doing a good job. not that i am sitting here defending him. by the way, i'm sorry i said any of that. >> i can't believe you are defending a racist.
12:49 am
>> what am i doing? >> she whispered to me saying i love how racist this guy is. >> i condemn you. i should have known when i read her arian pamphlet. she has a lot of pictures. as it turns out, she hates everyone. that wasn't a sheet she was wearing. it was an outfit. it wasn't a sexy i'm in the bed. she has a hood on there too. >> kurt, try to see this freaky dude's opinion. this is legal. is it wrong? you can fire at people for anything. >> i think this guy was probably driven to it because he couldn't fire obama himself. it is legal in that state. but it is really stupid.
12:50 am
>> it is stupid to tell people what to do on a comment section. >> when i try to do sneaky things, i keep it to myself. >> as i tell my imaginary girlfriend, bill, are you worried you will get canned? >> i am still waiting for the returns on that. the great thing about imagineering is he can be elected in your head. >> i am president of the universe in bill land. time for a break. more stuff when we come back. "the joy of hate" the nation's best seller. for an autographed copy go to
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the next topic, news from norway. the student convinced his high school crush to have sex with him if he got 1 million likes. the post went viral and he reached his bull's eye for bedding the girl. the dude told the local paper that they, quote, keep what their promise. his only concern is her father might find out. i guess this being a worldwide story, your secret is safe.
12:55 am
carrie -- >> do you think her father is one of the million that liked it? would that make the story a little more sick? >> you have a sick mind, young lady. >> i have len -- i have been happening -- i have been hanging out with you too long. >> rick, what would you do if that was your daughter? you have like six daughters. >> i would beat the crap out of that kid. >> it is not his fault. she is the one who said if you get it i will do it. >> it is ridiculous. by the way, when i was in high school not only did we not have facebook, but we didn't have computers. we had manual typewriters. there was no million likes in the 30s. >> when i was kid we had a facebook, but it was a book i made of people's faces. >> i'm sure you did. >> there are 30 people in my neighborhood without faces. >> do we know if he got the million? >> can i talk to kurt now? >> yes. >> is this a magical story or a -- >> it is magical.
12:56 am
it can only be better if she would also sleep with the 1 million people who -- >> her dad would definitely find out about that. >> it is 1.2 million. what society as i fein outrage is going to hell? what is happening where people are bartering on a woman's sex life? bill i actually asked -- if i said could we get a million likes i would feed you a granola bar. i got 900,000 not likes. they want you to die. >> maybe they don't like graw -- they don't like granola. >> my favorite part about this is you consider the subject matter and you look at the photo. the subject matter was almost a little sinister. >> he is going like this. she is like, i might have to
12:57 am
do -- do prostitution with this guy. >> it looks like the iraqi neighbors of the sitcom. >> this world is going to hell. >> i will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows fox eye.
12:58 am
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